Don’t Forget Heartworm Prevention Medications For Your Dog

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Don’t forget heartworm prevention medication for your dog today if you live in a heartworm territory.  The beginning of each month is usually when most vets suggest we give our dogs the heartworm medication.

Up here in southern Ontario, the season is June to November so today July 1 would be the second dose for our dogs up here.  I’ve got reminders on the first day of each month right through to November for my own two dogs.

Heartworm prevention medication is not inexpensive and when you are like me with more than one dog, it really adds up.  So to help keep the costs down to a reasonable level, I would certainly suggest getting the heartworm meds through online pet pharmacies – click on the link for my article on them.

My dogs use the brandname Sentinel but it’s funny because despite the manufacturer claims that dogs like the taste of it, my two just seem to lick the coating of the tablet and leave the rest in their bowl.  So in order for me to make sure that they do take the entire tablets, I have to clip the tablet down to little pieces and then sprinkle them in with the rest of their dog food.

That’s pretty well the best way for me to get them to take the medicine.  My girl Roxie is more fussy than her brother Chester.  Chester would at least finish everything but Roxie will sometimes leave the odd piece of Sentinel in her dish.  I really have to make sure that her pieces are as small as I can cut them, even down to powder if possible and mix it in with her food.  Otherwise, she won’t take it.

At least we do have a strategy that works in getting my dogs to take their heartworm prevention medication now since we do live in heartworm territory and they do go out often in the woods for walks.

Make sure that if you are in heartworm territory as well, that your dog is covered for heartworm.  You want your dog to be fully protected each season.

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