Don’t Deny Your Dog An Education

Guide-dog students play-time
Creative Commons License photo credit: smerikal

Small Dog Training Is Education

Most dog owners consider their pets as members of their families as if they were their children and I have no problems with that since I feel the same with my own two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie, the same way I felt with my past two, Pepper and Max, also Lhasa Apsos.  However, many owners also neglect putting their pets through an even basic level of dog obedience training.

I bet that these same folks would consider it imperative to send their human children to school to get an education.  Well, if their dogs are also part of the family, they should not be denied an education either!

Large, medium and small dog training is an education not only for the pets themselves but also for the owners as well.  Getting the proper training with even achieving just the basics as a minimum standard, will further enhance the relationship between all family members, including the dogs.

Start Dog Education Young

Just like how much of the basic education with kids start at young ages, dogs should also start their education if possible as puppies.  My free dog training video was created to show new and potential dog owners what the minimum standards of obedience are as well as the training methods to achieve them.  My dogs Chester and Roxie do an awesome job in demonstrating these skills on the video that you can all access.

Dog potty training in some form of course should also be part of this basic education as soon as puppies come to their new homes.  My educational resources at my dog website have helped many owners potty train their dogs successfully.  Do visit to see everything that is there.

Again, if you consider your dog to be part of your family, don’t deny him or her an education that he/she deserves.

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