Dogs Well Behaved During Toronto Motivational Speaker Video

Toronto Motivational Speaker And Dogs

I did a recent video shoot for my Motivational Videos WebTV series as a Toronto motivational speaker summarizing survey results that people around the world completed to help me improve future episodes for them.  I decided to shoot this video with my two lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie in the background.

They turned out to be very well behaved during the entire shoot which usually takes about two separate takes in order to give some room for camcorder video failure as well as my own verbal mistakes.  They just stayed in the background quietly.

This is a result of a prolonged ‘stay’ command that I used on them when I turned on the camcorder.  I didn’t want any distractions during the video shoot and they fully cooperated while providing for an interesting background in the video.

At the end of the episode after revealing the survey results, I gave a helpful success tip which is what is expected of me as a Toronto motivational speaker in all of my Motivational WebTV shows.

Here is the actual episode and you can see just how quiet my dogs are during the entire video.

This type of dog obedience is also possible for your dog as well.  I would say that my dogs are not perfect and they don’t come close to some of the top dogs I’ve seen in obedience (for example, my dog trainer’s own dogs).  But they have an acceptable level of obedience that makes life pretty good at home for a busy Toronto motivational speaker.

For an absolute minimum level of dog obedience, I feel that dogs should be able to understand and respond to the basic commands that I teach on my free dog training video.  This video is available for everyone if they sign up for access at the sidebar of this dog blog.

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