Dogs Still Like To Train

It’s been about a week since my dogs had any training sessions since they were in the kennels for most of last week.  We had our first one today and they were quite eager to train.  Even my boy Chester, who’s stomach is currently gurgling (which explains why he doesn’t feel like eating), was eager to train.

Normally, I give them bits of fruit as training treats which they love.  Roxie, who got her appetite back this morning, was enthusiastic to train for the treats.  Chester also wanted to train and did all the drills even though he didn’t want the training treats which was really weird to see.  But he wanted to train anyway and was quite happy with just praise.

To see the type of training drills I do, I have included footage of my two dogs going through them on my compilation video on Essential Commands To Teach Your Dog.  This video is accessible for free but since it’s too long to be put on YouTube, it’s on another platform.   To view it, just sign up for access at the blog sidebar or Facebook page tab.

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