Dogs Remember Their Puppy Housetraining And More

#dogtraining #puppytraining — I’ve been away from nine days on a trip to Cuba and had a professional pet sitter look after my two dogs Chester and Roxie.  Although she was more than competent, I also knew that she was not going to be able to drill my two dogs on usual obedience exercises that we usually do daily.  But at least they will still remember their puppy housetraining using their litterbox while I was away.

Upon my return, it was nice to hear from my pet sitter that there were no problems with the dogs during my time away.  So no issues on the puppy housetraining front.  But despite the relatively smooth transitions during my trip, I knew that my two dogs were not challenged as much from a dog obedience point of view.

So one of the first things I did when I got home was to resume their daily drills which go over all the basic obedience commands I use with my two dogs.  It was nice to know that they still remember them as well as their puppy housetraining with the dog litterbox.  This is one of the benefits of having my two dogs stay at home with a pet sitter rather than board them at the kennels.

In a way, I’m quite happy that my two dogs’ puppy housetraining and other basic training during their younger years paid off.  Their skills are still solid even after my trip.  But of course I’m a big believer in maintenance so resuming their daily drills was always in the plans.

I had also planned to tighten up the recall commands for Roxie upon my return as well.  She is really good at recalls inside the house but could use some improvement when outdoors, especially when unleashed in the back yard areas.  I will drill her more on this area over the next few weeks.

To see how I train and drill my two dogs, see my video on basic dog obedience training which is available at the Facebook dog page or at the sidebar of this dog blog.

Creative Commons License photo credit: _dChris

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