Other Dogs React To Dog Cone

dog cone cherry eye surgery

“Uh, what’s that thing my brother has on his head?”

Dog Cone Reaction

It’s interesting how other dogs are reacting to the dog cone that Chester is wearing.  Initially, I thought that his sister Roxie would be a bit curious about the strange contraption that her brother has to wear around his head for two weeks since coming home from Cherry eye surgery last week.

But she has been pretty well avoiding the dog cone altogether.  I haven’t even seen her go up to her brother to sniff the dog cone.  She did get accidentally bumped by Chester and his dog cone a few times and she certainly did not like it.

Yesterday, during our current shorter duration outdoor walks, we bumped into another one of my two dogs’ doggie friends.  It was a neighbourhood Shih Tzu named Charlie.  Charlie is normally very happy to see Chester and Roxie.

This time, he stood there at first wondering what the heck was on Chester’s head.  As they all approached closer, Charlie actually became scared of Chester’s dog cone and retreated backwards a few times.

His owner and I found this to be quite amusing actually.  Normally, both Chester and Roxie do their usual sniffing greeting with Charlie when they see each other on the sidewalk outside.  But this time, Charlie backed off with fear as Chester and Roxie just stood there watching him.

Oh well, hopefully the dog socializing will return to normal once the dog cone is off in another week’s time.  In the meantime, I have to limit the amount of walking and play for Chester.  This is why I’m not going to the dog parks with him and his sister for now too.

The drawback of limited play and shorter walks of course is possible weight gain for not only Chester but Roxie as well.  So I might lower the amount of food they eat until we can get back to normal activity levels. We may very well go for some extended walks after next week to work off any weight gain and also get out there while we can before the winter comes.

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