Dogs Pooping On Cedar Shavings In Dog Litter Box Possible

Dogs Pooping In Dog Litter Box

Here’s an idea for a dog litter box.  I went to a pet supplier in Oakville yesterday called Ren’s which is a large bulk retailer as well as wholesaler to pet groomers and other pet related businesses.  I went there to see their stock of dog boots since I wanted to try them out for my two lhasa apsos during this winter time.

When I was near the back of the store, I noticed that they had these large packages of cedar shavings for about $6 or $7.  I imagine that these cedar shavings are generally used for all sorts of pets cages.  But I was also thinking about the possibility of using such material for housetraining a puppy with a dog litter box too.

Materials As Dog Litter

With a dog litter box, one can utilize commercial dog litter of course, but also the artificial grass turf that some products use.  Also, there’s no reason why anybody can’t also use materials such as cedar shavings as substitute dog litter if one wants to.  As long as one goes through housetraining a puppy successfully with a progression where your dog knows how to go to a litter box, there should be no problems with using such material.  Having dogs pooping on cedar shavings can certainly be an alternative to commercial material such as dog litter.

For me, I think I’ll stick to commercial dog litter just because I like the way it absorbs the odours and urine.  Cedar shavings, although very cost effective, probably doesn’t absorb as well as dog litter does and since my dog room is located quite close to my own bedroom, I want as much odour control as possible for our dog litter box.

In any case no matter which material you choose, the benefits of housetraining a puppy indoors with a dog litter box are great  – just click on the link for more information.  Also don’t forget my basic dog training video that is available for free.

dog litter box dogs pooping
Creative Commons License photo credit: Velo Steve

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