Dogs Pooping In Park Without Owners Picking Up

Dogs Pooping In Park

We’ve been starting to take more outside walks now that much of the sidewalks are clear of snow and ice now.  It’s still too early to go back into the woods since the trails there are still full of ice but the soccer park near our condo townhouse complex is pretty clear.

Unfortunately, some dog owners are there have been allowing their dogs pooping in the park without picking up after them.  The usual spots are near bushes and trees which is fine but they should be picked up.  I can tell that these were large dogs too from the larger size of the dog poop.

What type of dog owners out there do not pick up after there dogs?  If we ever catch them, we will certainly report them.   It’s incredible what these negligent people are thinking.  Are they thinking that the big dog poop is suddenly going to disappear or melt with the snow on its own?

Dogs Pooping Should Be Monitored

The fact is that all dogs pooping outside of their homes should be closely monitored by the owners no matter what breeds or size of the dog.  It is the responsibility of each dog owner to pick up after his or her dog.  There are municipal city fines for not picking up.  I’m so surprised by the amount that is out there by our soccer park.  This is the same park where families and kids will be playing soccer and baseball during the season.

know that if I see an offender out there, I’m going to give them hell and/or report them to the city authorities.  There is no excuse for not picking up.  I carry not one but two plastic bags with me since I have two dogs.  Normally I have to use only one because it’s usually Roxie who will poop outside.  Chester prefers to poop inside in the dog litter box.

dogs pooping dog poop
Creative Commons License photo credit: Flikkesteph

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  • no name

    even if poop is picked up in a park. Some still remains on the grass. Kids play on this grass. What about bacteria from the dog’s waste?

  • Then it would be on the same level as poop from birds, squirrels, insects and other critters out there. Dogs usually poop near bushes anyway. You don’t sound like a dog owner, eh?