Dogs Make Life Simple And Uncomplicated

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Dogs Make Life Simple

I came across this video of a Husky dog playing around in autumn leaves.  You can hear the owner laughing in the background while he is shooting the video.  Although entertaining, it made me think about just how dogs make life simple and uncomplicated.

It made me think about the fact that whenever I spend time with my two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie at home whether just making sure that they are fed, groomed and loved by sitting with them or playing with them, it’s those times that make my forget about anything else that is going on in my life.

I instantly forget about business or what bills I have to pay or what other errands I may have to do in the next few days.  The moment is just about me and my dogs, nothing else.  Life is super simple during those quality times with dogs.

Dogs Make You Forget About Complications

This is the same when I take my dogs out for a walk or to the dog park.  Owners at the dog park just stand around and watch their dogs run around and play.  Our pets have our complete attention and it makes us forget about complications in life.  Indeed, watching our dogs at the dog park like the pet parents we are is so darn uncomplicated!

This is perhaps why dogs are so good for us and our own well being.  If we keep them happy and healthy, being with our dogs in turn does something very positive to our own well being.

Check out the Husky dog video below and you will see that there is nothing complicated about it.  Just a dog having a lot of fun with a pile of leaves without any expensive equipment needed and the owner obviously loving every moment just watching his pet.  It’s a moment in time that they both treasure and that is what us other dog owners experience too all the time with our dogs.

Life is simple with dogs!

Now having said all this about dogs making life simple for us, this would only be true if your dog is well trained.  Untrained dogs of course would not make life simple!

To get new dog owners started on the right route towards having a well trained dog, see our free basic dog obedience training video.

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  • That’s exactly why dogs are used for emotional support! I love my dog to death because of how she makes me feel. I’m the type to dress them up in dog jewelry or a Halloween costume during the holidays.