Dogs Love Routine

One thing to keep in mind when raising new puppies is that dogs love routine. Don’t think that they need a lot of variety in their lives to spice things up to prevent boredom. My two dogs have settled nicely into routines. They have their two daily meals at about the same hours of the day at the same room. Each dog knows where their respective dishes are.

They expect their daily grooming in the evening and know the order of what’s to be done (hair, eyes, ears, teeth, followed by treat!). They know where daily grooming takes place.

They know where they sleep and their usual routes for walks. Of course, we sometimes go to the dog parks but that’s okay since much of their lives still revolve around routines and they love it.

It’s okay to do things a bit differently from time to time but overall, dogs get use to routine and don’t like to have too much surprises in their daily lives. Surprises just confuse and stresses them out.

So if you want to condition your puppy to adapt to certain aspects of your lifestyle including acceptable hours for certain tasks like feeding and grooming, try to settle into regular routines.

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