Dogs Like Training

#dogs #dog #puppy #puppies #dogtraining #puppytraining  —  Some new (and old) dog owners never put much into training their dogs, even with basic commands.  Some say that it is too much hassle and the dogs won’t enjoy it.  But guess what?

The opposite is actually true.  Dogs actually like training.  It is much better than leaving them bored all day.  Dogs enjoy the mental stimulation that training sessions provide and the interaction with you as the owner.

Since there is so much emphasis on positive reinforcement during dog training, dogs will just love the interaction with their owners during training sessions and classes.  Even though my two lhasa apsos know their basic commands quite well, they still go through drills every single day for their treats.  They don’t get freebies.  But that’s okay with them because they enjoy the interactions with me.

Dogs like to please their owners and when they do a good job during training whether learning new commands, tricks or just drilling ones they already know, they love the positive praise they get.  I can see it in my two dogs’ eyes when they do their drills well.

During a typical day, we would go through some of the basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘come’, ‘down’, ‘stand’ and sometimes even ‘shake’ (a paw) or ‘up’.  These are put through a quick drill during noon hour and they get healthy fruit treats.

During a walk outside, they would usually go through a one minute ‘stay’ drill at a distance about halfway into our walk.  Then I would give the ‘come’ command where they would come with much enthusiasm.

They never get bored of training drills because they never get bored of mental stimulation where they have to observe what my next command is as well as the positive praise I give them for a job well done.

So if you have avoided training your dog because you felt that it would be too much work and no fun for your dog, think again.  Dogs like training and so should you.

To see my free video demonstrating basic dog training with my two lhasa apso dogs, go to my dog training website.

Creative Commons License photo credit: CRYROLFE

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    I agree, dogs like training. They like the exercise it provides for them. Based on what I read from, the key to success in dog training is in understanding how the dog mind works, and then incorporating that with proven training techniques, a few training aids, and consistent training.