Dogs Like Playing In Mud

Dogs In Mud

Yesterday, I took my two dogs out to a leash free dog park and was reminded how much dogs like playing in mud.  Most of the dog park had grassy areas which was not the problem but there was one little section that was still muddy from the past few days of rain.  In the middle of this muddy section was water built up like a small mud pond.

One medium size white dog went into this mud pond and to my surprise, decided to lie in it.  I guess it was refreshing since the air temperature was getting warm.  When my two lhasa apso dogs saw this white dog lying in the mud pool, they just had to check it out and went straight towards the muddy area much to my dismay.

When my two dogs got closer, the white dog lying in the mud pool decided to spring into a play session so all three dogs started to run around the muddy area of the park.  As a result, all three dogs, which have fairly light colours, had their entire legs and bellies turn into the brown colour of the mud.  I was quite shocked and amused at the same time.

Train Your Dog To Cooperate For Baths

I knew that the first thing we were going to do when we get home was to wash off all that mud.  This is why it’s so important to train your dog to fully cooperate for dog baths.  You never know when you need to clean up your dog especially after a dirty play session out there.

After all this, I really didn’t mind since my dogs seemed to have a lot of fun even if they got dirty.  It didn’t take that long to wash everything off but again, my dogs are trained to cooperate.  If you missed my article, see my Dog Bath post for ideas to help you with your dog.

dog bath mud
Creative Commons License photo credit: ImNotQuiteJack

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