Dogs In Toronto Condos Or Vancouver Condos

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Toronto Condo Or Vancouver Condo Dogs

In both Toronto and Vancouver, two of the largest cities in Canada, there has been an explosion of highrise condos. Like many typical condo developments, some will allow dogs while some will not. The dogs in condos that are allowed usually have to be limited to a maximum size – typically 20 to 25 pounds or less.

Dog owners living in Toronto condos and Vancouver condos have a great opportunity in benefiting from indoor potty training their dogs with a litter box. Instead of having to come all the way downstairs to the ground level and then outside just to have their dogs do their business all the time, a dog litter box can easily be set up inside their condo units.

Having an indoor spot for condo dogs to go to is ideal during bad weather as well (this benefits other house dogs too). Downtown locations already have a lack of space outside for dogs to go to being concrete jungles so an indoor dog washroom would offer much more flexibility for both the dog and the owner.

Our Experience With Dogs In Toronto Condos

I’ve had direct experience with dogs in Toronto condos as both of my first two Lhasa Apso dogs Pepper and Max lived with me in two different highrise condos. First building was on the 8th floor while the second one was on the 12th.

Both buildings sometimes experienced elevator problems which required taking the stairs all the way down and back up to our condo unit. So fortunately, my dogs were potty trained indoors so they didn’t have to go outside if they needed to do their thing.

We still went outside for dog walks of course since they still needed their exercise but if weather was bad, we would stay inside and sometimes run up and down the stairs for a good workout.

It certainly is possible for dogs to live in highrise condos in Toronto, Vancouver or any other city.  For more information on how to potty train condo dogs (or house dogs) indoors using a litter box, see our webpage on dog potty training.

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