Dogs In Rent To Own Condos

rent to own condos dogs

Rent To Own Condos

One emerging concept to help renters become homeowners is the Rent To Own program.  These are different from typical rental situations since many rentals do now allow pets.

This is especially the case with dogs.  However, in the case of the homes that people will most likely live in during a rent to own program, pets will be allowed just like in most other dwellings that are owned by the homeowners.

One of the goals is to have people live in and treat the homes they live in during a Rent
To Own program much like they were already homeowners.  And this includes dogs living in the properties if there are any.

Rent To Own Condos Might Have Dog Rules

The only exceptions would be high-rise condos.  Depending on the building, rent to own condos may not allow dogs or any types of pets due to specific condo rules.  This of course is not universal so the tenant/buyer would have to locate a condo which does allow pets, and especially dogs if that person happens to be a dog owner.

If a building allows dogs, they could possibly live there much like I did with my first two Lhasa Apsos Pepper and Max.  Dog owners have the option to put their furry friends through dog litter box potty training which works quite well.

Most Canadian Rent To Own Homes programs do not restrict any pets.  It is up to each particular condo building which would determine whether any rent to own condos would be affected by any rules regarding pets and particularly, dogs.

Rent To Own condos featuring townhouses will usually not be affected by any rules regarding pets including dogs of all sizes and shapes.

So if you are a current or potential dog owner who is a renter and you want to become a homeowner but could not quite get qualified for a mortgage, a Rent To Own program might be a solution for you.

For Canadian renters in this case, check out my new website on Rent To Own Homes programs.  For all other renters, I’m sure there are similar programs available in your area but you can still check out my Canadian site just to get a better idea of the Rent To Own concept.

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