Dogs In Alberta Walking In Blizzards

dogs in alberta winter blizzards

photo: rotokirby

Dogs In Alberta

Last night at my monthly real estate investment meeting, I mentioned to one of the organizers who came from western Canada that I heard about winter coming early this year to the west.  He said that so far, he’s been caught in two blizzards in Alberta.  The dogs in Alberta along with their owners were caught in these early snow storms of the season as well.  Meanwhile, we hit a high of 17 degrees Celcius here in the southern Ontario area.

I bet some of these dog owners and their dogs out west wish they didn’t have to go outside during these blizzards.  I don’t blame them either.

That’s why I’m so glad that my two Lhasa Apsos were potty trained to use an indoor dog litter box whenever they are at home.  I’m pretty sure that we will get a few bad snow storms over here in Ontario this winter and during those days, we’ll stay inside.

Potty Training With Dog Litter Box

All of my dogs since 1979 have been potty trained indoors and with my current dogs Chester and Roxie in particular, we use a dog litter box at home.  They only go outside when it’s relatively nice in weather.  Even when we had several days of rain two weeks ago, they stayed inside all day and just used their dog litter box.

Dog owners in Alberta can choose to potty train their dogs with an indoor dog litter box as well so that they don’t have to expose themselves and their pets to the nasty elements when it’s really bad outside.  Same thing with dogs here in Ontario as well as the rest of the country.

For most of Canada, it’s still early in the season before most of the really wicked blizzard conditions come.  So there is still time to potty train your dogs, especially puppies, with a dog litter box.  Keep in mind that this would not be taking over outdoor potty training skills the dogs might have learned already.  It’s simply an additional set of skills the dogs learn.

My Lhasa Apsos know to go outdoors when they are outside and they know to go to their dog litter box when they are inside.  It’s as straight forward as that.

For more information on how to do all this, see potty training with dog litter box.

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