Dogs Help Us Enjoy Simple Things In Life

dogs enjoy simple things in life

Dogs Enjoy Simple Things In Life

When I graduated from my MBA back in the mid 80s, all I wanted to do was wear a suit and carry a fancy briefcase in downtown Toronto. I wanted to be immersed in the busy career life and all the hustle and bustle the big city brings. How things have changed over the years.

These days, I no longer want to run in the ‘rat race’ and be caught in rush hour traffic or be among all the suits parading from office to office in the big city. Instead, I want to enjoy a slower pace of life in more natural surroundings.

It turns out that dogs can help us do just that. They appreciate the simple things in life like a tree or bush along the trail. It’s sometimes funny how my Roxie just loves to check out a new bush, tree or plant and spend an eternity sniffing it. No expensive toys needed to keep her occupied.

Lots Of Nature Trails To Explore With Dogs

It turns out that my own home town of Mississauga, Ontario, has lots of nature trails all over. Although I have lived here for many years, I never really spent the time going out to explore them. I was too busy immersed in my career.

Now, quality of lifestyle has become extremely important in my life. One of the things I’m committed to do this year is go out to explore more of these wonderful nature trails near me and of course, who else better than my two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie to come out to check them out with me?

A great example was this afternoon when we took a short drive to a trail along Mississauga’s Credit River. It took about an hour to do walk the trail we chose and this included spending some lazy time along the edge of the Credit River too. Both dogs happily stepped into the water.

You can see Roxie pictured above as she perched on top of a rock and just stayed there for awhile to look at the surroundings. Again, the simple things in life!

So looks like I’ve discovered yet another benefit of being a dog owner. Dogs can most certainly help you slow down and enjoy the simple things in life like a nice stroll on a nature trail.

Such outings are not only good exercise for both you and your dog, but also for general well being for everyone.

I would recommend this for anyone!

dogs enjoy simple things in life

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