Dogs Don’t Have To Freeze During Winters

dachshund dogs freezing winter dog litterbox

Dogs Freezing During Winters

Yesterday, I saw one of my neighbours at the front of his townhouse with his little dachshund dog.  He was obviously waiting for his dog to do his business but since it’s already cold temperatures these days here in Canada, I decided to go up to him for a quick chat.  He told me that he always has to bring his dog outside like this and meanwhile, I can see his dachshund just freezing.

His dog needed some time before he was ready to do his deed but at the same time, he was shivering and probably the owner was too.  I told him that there is a better way.

Dog Litterbox Helps Keep Dogs Warm During Winter

I revealed that my two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie are totally potty trained to use their dog litterbox whenever they need to.  We don’t go out when the weather is too wet or too cold.  Also, they go whenever they need to, even if I’m asleep.

My neighbour seemed to be quite surprised at this possibility and started to ask me about how it is done and what type of dog litterbox is required.  His little dachshund would be a perfect candidate for another dog litterbox user since he is small enough.

I suggested that my neighbour go to my potty train puppy dog website to get more information as well as to see videos of my dogs in action.  Hopefully, with the right potty training, neither my neighbour or his dog (or future dogs too), will have to be standing outside his townhouse freezing during the winter.

If you are in the same situation as my neighbour, take a look at the website as it might open up new possibilities for you and your dog too.

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