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Social Life For Dogs

Just got back from another one of our midweek dog outings and took some photos which are posted here.  When I look at the top photo by the lagoon beach at Lakefront Promenade in Mississauga, Ontario where we were, I get a deep sense of satisfaction that I’m enriching my dogs’ lives by giving them interesting places to explore with their doggie friends.  Instead of being in the house all the time and just wandering close by, we do outings to nice places on a regular basis.  Through our small dogs outings Meetup group, we also get to do these with other dogs.  After all, every dog should have a social life since they are social creatures in nature.

It’s always surprising to me to see just how some other dogs in the neighbourhood have not been raised in this way.  Their owner never got their dogs socialized so as a result, they are not comfortable with any other dogs.  Whenever they see other dogs outside, they get aggressive and scared.  This is a real shame indeed.

Furthermore, they always just go around the same block for walks without exploring other interesting places.  Some dogs don’t even get to go on walks around the block as their owners are too lazy to walk them.

Dogs Need Mental Stimulation

In our case, my two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie always get to go to different places outside.  They deserve mental stimulation through the many sights, sounds and smells at interesting places to check out.  We have a few different routes for local walks as well as many awesome nature trails we drive to.


Our dogs also get together with other dogs, many whom have become regular doggie friends now.  So exploring interesting places with their friends is a huge bonus since they all deserve social lives too.

Of course all the exercise our dogs get from these outings result in maximizing their health which is yet something else they all deserve.  There is really no excuse for having a dog overweight and unhealthy.

As part of proving a happy home for my two dogs, I ensure they are comfortable too.  So in our case, during really cold or hot days, they don’t need to go outside to freeze or bake since Chester and Roxie are both housetrained indoors with a dog litterbox.  We go outside for fun when the temperatures are within comfort limits but when inside the house, they can use their dog litterbox whenever they need to.  If you are interested, check out more details on how to housetrain your dog with a litterbox too.

So as a friendly challenge to all dog owners out there, you should all try to provide similar opportunities for your dogs as we do.  After all, for everything that they give you, they deserve it.


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