Dogs Are Natural Thermometers In Summer Heat

#dog #dogs #pets  – There is a heat wave, actually an official heat alert, in the greater Toronto area all this week.  The city officials are actually trying to convince people to not use their air conditioners so much because one transformer already blew causing a power outtage.  I’m going to try and be green by resorting to three levels of summer heat management and much of this will depend on my two dogs.  Dogs are natural thermometers.

My dogs seem to get hot faster than I do.  I see this on walks as well as indoors when it’s too hot.  I’ve already cut them relatively short for their summer hair.  Usually during walks, which will always be late in the day to avoid the direct sunshine, they start panting even before we reach the halfway point of our walks.

At home, they are already searching for the ceramic tiles in the lower floors where it’s cooler.  I’ll open the windows when it’s too hot as a first level of management.

If they are still panting, I’ll turn on the ceiling fans on the second level where the temperature is noticably higher than the first floor.  It hasn’t come to it yet this week but if they are still panting even with the ceiling fans are on, then I’ll resort to the air conditioner as the final level.

Being green is one thing but my dogs’ health comes first.  I can usually tolerate the heat with the ceiling fans running (and not wearing much besides shorts) and I would use the AC only a few days each summer.  But again, I won’t hesitate to turn on the AC when the dogs need it.

How are your dogs taking the summer heat so far?  Comments are welcome below.

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