Doggie Friends Protect Each Other

#dogs #dog – It was interesting here in our backyard area where the dogs from our townhouse complex play together.  My two lhasa apsos have a good friendship with two other dogs, a Maltese and a Shih Tzu.  One day last week, all four were outside doing their socializing as usual.

Then all of a sudden, one of the schnauzers from the corner house who doesn’t come out to socialize with the ‘gang of four’ doggie friends came out and attacked the Shih Tzu.  The Maltese, who is usually very playful in temperment, got mad and pushed the schnauzer off.  He started to pick a fight with the intruder.

Then my boy Chester came in and started barking.  The schnauzer realized that he was surrounded by other dogs who didn’t appreciate his attitude so he backed off.  The owner of the Maltese was quite surprised since this was the first time he ever say his dog exhibit this protective behavious.

My own two lhasa apsos have displayed a similar behaviour at the dog park as well.  Usually, brother and sister kind of do their own thing at the local leash free dog parks.  Roxie goes off to do her own exploring while Chester usually likes to stay by me.

Sometimes when a larger dog enters their space, both of them will team up to investigate and sometimes chase off the ‘intruder’, much to the surprise of the bigger dog who otherwise might have friendly intentions.

So it looks like dogs do protect each other after all, especially if in their established packs whether siblings and just doggie friends.  It must be comforting to each other that they will back each other up if required.

This is yet another reason to socialize your dog, especially if you have only one.  It’s nice to get a regular bunch of doggie friends from the neighbourhood if possible, perhaps through regular walks or in our case, a few neighbours sharing a common backyard area.  To learn more about this topic, see my Dog Socialization article.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ccox888

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