Dog Swims With Dolphin Video

Dog Swims With Dolphin

My favourite animal in the world of course must be the dog, since I have been a dog owner since 1979 and currently have two Lhasa Apso dogs who are the loves of my life.  However, I would have to say that dolphins would be my second favourite in the world since they are much like dogs in many ways.

I have swam and scuba dived with dolphins on a few occasions in Florida and the Bahamas.  Each time was a very special experience and in fact, I even have a special episode of my Motivational WebTV series shot which shows video footage of one of my scuba diving with dolphins experiences.

Now to get a video with both dogs and dolphins in the same video would really be something.  In fact, there is one really nice video online which shows a Labrador dog who has a dolphin friend.  This video shows how the dog goes out in the town harbour and swims with a local dolphin on a regular basis.  It’s such a nice heartwarming video showing friendship.

If you haven’t seen this particular video yet (or haven’t seen it for some time), here it is again for your viewing pleasure below.

I doubt that my own dogs will ever become friends with other animals besides other dogs but fortunately, they are friends with a few other dogs from our neighbourhood. Dog socialization is important and if you have a single dog in your household, it is fairly important to socialize it with others, especially from puppyhood. Dogs are naturally pack animals and are much happier when they are properly socialized and have access to other socialized dogs, say in a dog park.

Socialization skills is another set of skills that should be taught to puppies in addition to basic dog obedience and dog potty training.  If you never caught my article and video on this topic, just see dog socialization.

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