Dog Still Has Cherry Eye

#doghealth #dog #dogs  — Okay, it’s been about three days and the cherry eye on my boy Chester still has not regressed yet.  Previous episodes of his cherry eye resulted in total regression in about 24-48 hours so this is the longest he’s been through with the condition so far.

I am a bit concerned because according to my vet and other online research I’ve done, surgery is the only treatment option.  Of course I would really like to avoid surgery if at all possible because of the necessity of putting my dog through general anesthetic as well as the costs associated with surgery.

I also understand that in some cases, a second surgery is sometimes required for full correction of cherry eye.

So, I’ll see what happens in the next while.  I have a feeling that the current cherry eye episode was influenced by the new lyme disease vaccine on Friday.  Both Chester and his sister Roxie ended up having some side effects from this vaccine.  They were both feeling pretty well down and out for almost two days.

They have to go back to get a booster shot in three weeks so we may end up having another two days of these side effects unfortunately.  There will certainly be some options to discuss with my vet soon.

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