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Dog Socialization

We had one of our final weekend outings with our small dogs outings Meetup group this past weekend and all of the eight little dogs who came out have been on other dog walks with us before.  It was interesting to see how some of the more timid ones were starting to show increased comfort in mingling with other dogs now that they have seen some of the same ones over time.

In addition to taking photos, I shot video footage to try out a new camcorder I bought several weeks ago.  The edited video is really fun as it shows our dogs on the trails at Forks of the Credit provincial park this time.  Check it out here.

Toronto Mississauga Small Dogs Meetup Group

The Forks of the Credit outing was the final official weekend one but if the weather cooperates for this coming weekend, we will do a bonus outing back to Robert Edmondson Conservation Area.  More repeated outings especially for the timid dog members of our group will just help them out as they will realize that many of the regular dogs are their friends.  This is awesome dog socialization at its best.  Maybe we’ll shoot more footage for another extra small dogs video.

As for general dog obedience, don’t forget that my Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie, star in a free video demonstrating many of the general obedience training drills that we do.  Just click on the graphic below or at the blog sidebar on the left for access to this dog training video.


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