Dog Refuses To Leave Friend In Japan Disaster

Japan Disaster And Dogs

This is an amazing video which is so heartfelt as a dog is found refusing to leave his friend who is injured after the Japan disaster with the earthquake and tsunami.  The good news is that both are currently being cared for after being rescued.

This shows that dogs are truly social animals who care for one another.

This is truly inspiring. Please share this with others.

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  • Sal

    I’m glad to see both of them were resuced. Dogs are so loyal to its kind…

  • Terredragon77

    Wow ! this is make me love dog like I ever do. I know that their heart are sometimes bigger then some human heart. Ruth

  • It’s the unconditional love factor they have.

  • Carole Eberhardt

    But it’s terrible that they do not tell you what happened to these wonderful friends.

  • Agree but I would think that with all the exposure, they would surely be rescued.