Dog Pooping Directly In Bag Amusing

#dogs #dog #pets — Looks like that my fellow dog owners at the leash-free dog parks here in my hometown of Mississauga, Ontario find it quite amusing to see my dog Roxie pooping directly in a plastic bag.  While the vast majority of dog owners out there usually wait for their dogs to finish pooping outside somewhere, they will pick up the dog poop with a plastic bag.

I on the other hand, prefer not to wait for my dogs to finish.  All dogs poop but in our case, as soon as I spot them going into position, I place an open plastic bag (usually the ones I get from the grocery stores) right underneath Roxie’s bum.  She can’t really go anywhere while she’s already in position so the end result is that she poops directly into the bag.

This means more hands free for me.  All I have to do assuming that I got the open bag under her bum in time, is close up the bag by the handles and dump it into the park’s garbage cans.

Other dog owners are completely surprised by this.  Some even asked my how I trained Roxie and her brother Chester to do this.  It’s not really a dog pooping trick because again, if I’m quick enough, I simply open up a bag underneath them while they are in position.  Of course, sometimes if I’m not quick enough, I’ll have to pick up the odd piece of dog poop but I’m getting pretty good at catching my dogs in time.

It’s not too classy to get a video out of this but I might try to just take a quick snapshot to prove that this is certainly possible.  I figure, why get so involved with your hands when the entire process can be relatively hands free as with your dog pooping directly into a plastic bag?

When at home, why not have your dog pooping directly into a dog litterbox too?  That’s what we do at home and I just finished writing a book on how to train a dog to do that.  It should be available soon but in the meantime, I have a free basic dog training video available at my dog website.  It’s also available via the blog sidebar.

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