Dog Pee Pad To Puppy Litterbox Training

Dog Pee Pad Seen At Pets Show

While I was at the All About Pets Show this past weekend, I saw a dog pee pad in some booths of the dog show areas.  Some of the exhibitors must have timed the scheduling of the show quite well because they brought along not only adult dogs but also what looked like pretty young puppy litter.  The puppies were in smaller crates or actually playpens so they were visible to the attendees of the pet show.

Obviously, these exhibitors were dog breeders showing their latest puppy litters to a captive audience.  What interested me was the dog pee pad.  In fact, if you look at the video highlights of the pet dog show carefully, you might even see a dog pee pad inside one of the crates or playpen.

What I thought immediately was that it would be a natural for some of these young puppies to progress right from the dog pee pad to puppy litterbox training especially if they are smaller breeds.  In fact, one puppy litter was Yorkshire Terriers which are a small breed.

Wrote A Book On Puppy Litterbox Training

Of course I thought about this since I wrote a book on puppy litterbox training so I’m probably more observant on this aspect than most pet or dog show goers.  Once the puppies are consistently going to the dog pee pad, they can be progressed to litterbox training quite easily by simply adding the pee pad to the puppy litterbox.

This will get the puppies use to climbing into the litterbox and get use to the feel of dog litter under their feet.  In fact, for new puppy owners, the dog pee pad could actually be bypassed altogether and that is what I did with my own two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie.  For more information on the training progression with puppy litterbox training, see my dog website.

puppy litterbox training dog pee pad
Creative Commons License photo credit: julie@organikal


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