Dog Parks Great For Socialization

#dog #dogs –  I usually like to bring my two dogs to one of our local leash-free dog parks here in my home town of Mississauga during weekends.  We have several of different sizes and they are usually quite large enough for dogs to run around at their leisure in a safe fenced environment away from traffic.  Dog parks are great for socialization.

For optimal dog behavious and well being, all dogs should be socialized as early as possible from puppyhood.  My dogs, especially my girl Roxie, are quite socialized with other dogs.  Although they are smaller compared to most common big breeds, my lhasa apsos do well in dog parks.  Roxie is not afraid of dogs of any size.  She will check out any size dog including Great Danes.

My boy Chester on the other hand does have an issue with bigger dogs.  As soon as a bigger dog approaches, he will bark at them to shoo them away.  As long as bigger dogs are at a distance, he doesn’t mind them.  This is much better than being afraid to even go in the park in the presence of bigger dogs.  He is quite okay these days when bigger dogs are in the area as long as they are several yards away.  This is a big improvement from his earlier days when he would be running between my legs if other dogs were around.  Now, he tries to play tough by scaring them off instead!

Both Roxie and Chester will check out dogs of their own size or smaller.  Chester in particular is usually very interested in dogs that are smaller than he is.  This again is an improvement because when he was a puppy, he was not comfortable with even smaller dogs.

Interestingly enough, the bigger dogs usually choose to spend playing time with others their own size and running to greater distances while they play.  Meanwhile, the smaller dogs just tend to find each other and socialize in their own little groups.

So the dog parks exposure certainly did a lot to help in terms of socialization for both of my two dogs and I highly recommending them if you have one in your neighbourhood.

Cooper, Willow, and Unknown
Creative Commons License photo credit: mikeatqazam

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    Socialization is indeed important. This is what I also read from Dogs need to be socialized so they will get used to other dogs around thus overcoming their aggressive behavior. Aside from dog parks, socialization can happen in obedience training classes.