Dog Ownership Can Be A Simple Life

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Dog Ownership Can Be A Simple Life

You might have heard that pets have the ability to bring us health benefits like lowering our blood pressure.  I thought about this as I was hanging out at home with my two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie.  Although us dog owners have to do things like pick up dog poo, clean up dog barf and care for our dogs when they get sick or hurt, overall dog ownership is still very much a simple life.

On a regular basis at home, I’ll be watching TV while one of my dogs is either sitting on my lap or next to me on the couch.  Sometimes both are on the couch with me.  That’s Roxie by the way pictured above with me.  This is a relaxing quality time.

We go out on our daily walks and especially when we are in the woods or nature trails, I feel it’s a really blessed and uncomplicated life!   While other people are fighting commuter traffic or something, my dogs and I are simply out on a stroll enjoying nature.  We are not thinking about big life issues like expenses or business.  We are just walking through the trees.  Again, it’s a simple life when I’m with my dogs.

At home, I feed them, I groom them but these are things that have become very routine as my Lhasa Apsos expect these every day.  So none of these are considered stressful tasks since Chester and Roxie have learned to fully cooperate even with things like nails clipping.  Even these dog care tasks like grooming represents quality time with my dogs so it doesn’t feel like hard work.

But of course, the simple dog ownership life can only result if our dogs are well trained from puppyhood.  If they are not well behaved and obedient or if the dog owner is irresponsible in doing the tasks which should be done on a regular basis, then dog ownership becomes a chore and too often dogs are given up which is a real shame.

All new and prospective dog owners should therefore do a lot of research and get trained themselves on how to train and care for their dogs.  A good start is our free basic dog obedience training video at our website – see links on this webpage below and on the right side of this blog.

I can honestly say that as a single person, I never feel lonely at home when I have my dogs with me.  Sometimes I feel I don’t even need anybody else around when my dogs and I are content to just hang out together whether at home or outside somewhere.  Of course we always appreciate the company of others especially during our outings with other dogs and dog owners through our small dogs outings group.  But we can be equally happy just on our own too.

Bringing Chester and Roxie home when they were 11 weeks old is one of the best decisions I ever made since they have brought a peaceful, uncomplicated and simple home life to me.  This is exactly the way we like it at home.

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