Dog Owner Doesn’t Take Authority

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Last night, I was walking my two dogs in the park and one of my neighbours came by with her two dogs.  One of her dogs, still a puppy, is notorious for being a real barker with pretty well all other dogs.  Of course, this is a result of hardly any dog socialization.  The amazing thing is that as this puppy was going crazy at my dogs, the dog owner did not take any authority at all.  She just sort of shrugged and let her puppy continue barking.

If the puppy was her kid, I’m sure that she would not have allowed this to continue and would have immediately disciplined her child.  But with her puppy, it’s just weird that she wouldn’t do the same.

The longer her non-action approach goes on, the more this puppy will think it’s acceptable to keep on barking like crazy.  Of course, this is totally counter-productive as this puppy will continue to slide into bad behaviour.

It really isn’t the puppy’s fault since it’s the negligence of the dog owners to take control of the situation and have the puppy trained properly.  Why these dog owners do not train their dogs is really beyond my guess.

If these dog owners loved their dogs so much, why wouldn’t they give their dogs the best professional training they could afford?  It would be an education for these owners as well as it is obvious that they are not well versed in dog training either.

The fact is that if dogs are not trained properly, they will not see their owners in an authority position and this can cause all sorts of bad behaviour and problems in the future.

Tired or barking ?
Creative Commons License photo credit: Benoit Dupont

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