Dog Obesity Is Owners’ Faults

obese dog canine obesity

photo: Mr TGT

Dog Obesity

In my video about checking weight levels of dogs, I commented that in the case of an overweight dog, it is the dog owner’s fault that caused this condition.  This might sound a bit harsh but I am not backing out on this one at all.

Too often, I see overweight dogs out there from small Chihauhaus to Bassett hounds to larger dogs.  Their dog health is at risk because of the negligence of their owners.  It’s the same type of risks that overweight humans will face which I’m sure that their doctors are never hesitant to bring up.

These overweight dogs do not get adequate exercise and are probably overfed.  Their owners might give them too many dog treats and table scraps that are not healthy for their pets.  These same owners think that they are being kind to their dogs by spoiling them with treats but in actual reality, they are damaging their beloved pets’ health.

This is why in the case of obese dogs, the owners are at fault.  The dogs themselves do not know any better.  They won’t refuse a fatty, unhealthy treat and they won’t know when to stop eating.  They can also get use to being lazy even though the natural state of dogs are such that they are more than willing to get out there and exercise.

Obese Dogs Must Get On A Program

This is why obese dogs must get on some type of program supervised by their vets immediately.  Dog obesity is a major health risk and as dog owners, we must to everything we can to ensure that they get enough exercise daily as well as to adjust their diets.

My own Lhasa Apsp dogs Chester and Roxie have gained a bit of weight at times. Fortunately, we caught it before they became obese.  Of course, each time they gained a few pounds was due to my own negligence – usually during the winter when we are a bit less active.

But this winter, I monitored their weights carefully and got them active as much as possible.  If the temperatures were too cold outside, we played ball inside.  There was no excuse not to exercise and they loved being active even inside the house.

I also limited their treats.  Sometimes they would get only a half a biscuit each rather than a full one.  And other treats would be simply fruit or veggies.  I would also limit the amount given during their meals which are already the low fat formulations of premium dog food.

I made a promise that I will not allow my dogs to get obese since it would be a major health risk to them. I would not be able to live with the guilt if I did.

Use Other People To Help Prevent Dog Obesity

I totally understand that in some cases, the dog owners cannot always exercise their dogs, especially when the humans might have some type of medical condition preventing them from participating with their dogs.  This is still not an excuse to me.

If a dog owner cannot adequately exercise his or her dog, then another person like a family member or a dog walker should be brought in to exercise the dog.  This is all part of responsible dog ownership.

It’s just not fair to our dogs to have them get fat.  Let’s do our darnest to prevent dog obesity.

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