Dog Meetup Groups

dog meetup groups

Meetup Groups Are Fun Social Outlets

I’ve been checking out various Meetup groups for a few years now. is a social based online system to help people actually come together face to face through interest groups.

There are tons of groups that focus on all sorts of different topics and interests.  I’ve come across groups with interests in real estate investing, skiing and snowboarding, trying out different restaurants, outdoor hiking, business networking, attending festivals, dancing,  special topic speaker events, cycling rides and yes, even dogs.

These groups organize various events which people are invited to attend.  Sometimes there are nominal costs to join certain Meetup groups and/or attend their events while much of the time, there is no charge.

There are probably lots of Meetup groups already in your local region if you are located in North America.  Just start at and enter your location plus a few interests and you will see several groups in your area.

Dog Meetup Groups

There are several dog related Meetup groups in my Toronto area but most do not seem to be that active right now.  Some area niched in certain dog breeds or sizes.  One is a front for a doggie daycare centre (which is not a bad thing if you are looking to check out such a venue).

So far, the main Meetup groups in the Toronto area I’m involved in are not dog related but what I’m planning to do is once the winter is over up here, I’ll post a few dog park outings to the social Meetup group that I just started.

GTA Free Spirits – a fun social group that I just formed and will have different events including outings to shows, restaurants, festivals, ski days and later on in the year, some dog park outings.

You might have more active dog Meetup groups in your local area and can easily find out by going to, entering your postal code and using dogs as the interest term.

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