Dog Litterbox Vendors Have Huge Opportunity

Dog Litterbox Opportunity

Where’s the dog litterbox?  We went through all the exhibitor booths at the All About Pets Show (video highlights of pet show available) this past weekend here in Toronto and yes, there were lots of dog supply vendors with leashes, treats, premium dog food, retailers, clothing for both humans and dogs, toys, dog publications and much more.  However, only two of these vendors carried anything similar to a dog litterbox.

This is suppose to be Canada where we have brutal winters when there are days when nobody, people or dogs, want to go outside.  That’s one of the biggest benefits of the dog litterbox.  When a dog is trained to use one indoors, there’s no need to venture outside in the freezing cold.

One Dog Litterbox Is Made In Canada

One of the two vendors who was displaying a dog litterbox, actually a pan with a grid and fake grass on top, told me that their device is made in Canada.  It’s about time!  The inventor was actually in the booth and he was quite pleasantly surprised when I told him that I’ve been training all of my dogs to go indoors since 1979.

I told this vendor that I will review this Canadian made dog litterbox system and write about it in my dog blog.  Whether it’s a grid, fake grass or actual dog litter being used, the training progression is the same.  It just depends on your personal preference whether you would want to use fake grass or dog litter.

I will have more details of this new dog litterbox in the near future here.  I would love to help them publicize their system the best I could since it will mean that many more dog owners here in Canada can also reap the benefits of using a dog litterbox system indoors.

Dog Litterbox Can Be Used For Adult Dogs Too

Even my friend who came with me to the show said that she is interested in at least learning about how to possibly train an adult dog to use one.  This topic is actually covered in my book ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Dog Litter Box – Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs’.  For those interested in this method, see my webpage on Potty Training Puppies Indoors.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: feverblue

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