Dog Litterbox Training Video In Production

Dog Litterbox Training

With the success of my dog litterbox training book, ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs‘, it was a natural, logical progression to offer either an audio or video version. Other books that I already previously published like my personal growth book ‘The Life Champion In You’ and a book about getting pharmaceutical sales jobs both have audio versions. In both of these other titles, the audio versions have been received quite well as a good portion of the readers do prefer to listen rather than just to read.

For my dog litterbox training book, I decided that because of the nature of the subject, it would be best to bypass an audio version and go straight to a video project so that not only is audio involved, but the new dog owners can actually see content. A video medium will help in the learning of the dog litterbox training progression and important concepts much better than just audio alone.

Dog Litterbox Training Video To Be Released

Of course, a video project will take longer to create compared to just an audio version but the end result will be a more useful resource for the new dog owners and their puppies. The planning, shooting and editing of this video project will take the equivalent of several full days of work for sure.

The plan is to make the video version available as a strictly online offering where viewers can watch the video divided up by the same chapters as the book, online. There will be an option to download the video files as well but these video files will likely be quite large.

Dog Litterbox Training Book Included

The book version of this dog litterbox training video will also be included as part of the package. So the entire video version will be like an upgraded version of the book.

Stay tuned for development news of this video project. In the meantime, get information on dog litterbox training at my website.

dog litterbox training video
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