Dog Litter Training Project Progressing

#dogtraining #dog #dogs #pets  — My dog litter training project is progressing well. I’ve written about seven or eight chapters as a first draft so far. Of course there’s still much more to do but I’m confident that it will be finished by the end of the summer.  It will be a very complete guide to helping people train their dogs to use litter boxes.

The main floor of my house was 31 degrees Celsius last night (87.8 F) and the second floor where the bedrooms are of course was even higher.  But it felt more like 40 degrees Celsius.  I’ve been using open windows and ceiling fans but the dogs were still panting.  I was actually in the borderline of heat tolerance myself so it was time to forget about being green for now.  Thinking about my dogs especially, I decided to shut the windows and gave in to air conditioning.

Usually by late at night, my dogs are already up in the second floor getting ready to go to bed.  But last night, they were both on the ground level where it was dark and cooler.  I’m pretty sure that they would have stayed there all night if I didn’t call them up for bedtime.  But after the AC did kick in, the temperature indoor was much more bearable.  Even I appreciated that.

They were no longer panting as before which was good and I trust that they had a comfortable night’s sleep.

The heatwave is continuing all week here in the Toronto area and I’ll actually be away for most of the day and evening doing talks as a professional speaker in downtown Toronto today.  The temperature will of course be higher during the daytime here at home and since I won’t be here to make the switchover to AC if needed, I think I’ll just leave the AC on and set to an acceptable 26 or 27 degrees C all day.  This will ensure that my dogs will be comfortable all day while I’m gone.

I have two separate events to attend in Toronto today.  One early afternoon and one in the evening.  Instead of commuting back and forth to Mississauga, I’m going to spend the afternoon sheltered in a public library (air conditioned of course) and continue work on my dog litter training project.

This project of course will be a niche topic for people who would like to use litter training or potty train their dog using litter boxes which I’m an expert at since both of my dogs are trained that way.

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