Dog Litter Training Plus Extreme Cold Temperatures

Extreme Cold Temperatures Not Fun For Dogs

Last week, we had really bone chilling extreme cold temperatures up here in Ontario, Canada.  With the wind chill factor, outdoor temperatures felt like minus 20 Celcius or so.  We didn’t take our usual walks but I did let my two lhasa apso dogs out in the backyard area for some fun and possible playtime with their doggie friends if they were around.  Since they both went through indoor dog litter training, not doing our usual walks was not a problem.

When we did go out in the back, they would usually go around to one of my neighbour’s back patio door to see if their Maltese was around.  In most cases, their Maltese friend would come out to play for a bit, especially with my boy Chester.

During the warmer season, my girl Roxie would usually poop in the backyard whenever we went out there.  However, I noticed something very different especially when the extreme cold weather hit us recently.  For a change, she actually decided not to poop outside.

Dog Litter Training Influenced

Instead, Roxie decided to wait until she came back inside the house and used the indoor dog litter box instead, much like what her brother Chester usually does as he prefers to poop inside as well.  Maybe it was too cold for Roxie to poop outdoors.  She is also the first to go back inside the house while her brother is usually still playing with his Maltese friend.

The indoor dog litter training certainly influenced Roxie’s decision since she knows that there is another place to poop that is much warmer.  I can sort of understand.  After all, can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be for us humans to poop outside in the cold compared to a nice warm washroom inside?

If you missed my article and video on how indoor dog litter training can result in no more suffering out in bad weather, see them at No More Bad Weather Dog Walks.

Information on a complete training method for indoor dog litter training is available at my dog website.

If you are located in the cold parts for the winter, how are you and your dog doing?  Feel free to comment below.

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