Dog Litter Training Means Staying Dry Indoors

#dogtraining #puppytraining #dogs #dog #puppy #puppies  —  The weather up here in the Toronto area got really wet early this week as the temperatures rose to levels that we haven’t seen for some time.  However, the rain also came too as the wet stuff came for a few days.  That was not a problem for us since dog litter training means my dogs and I could stay indoors where it’s nice and dry.

New Dog Litter Training Video Coming

I had previously shot video footage during a rain day with my dogs to illustrate the benefit of not having to go out in bad weather.   There’s still a final section that I have to shoot but need to wait for a new microphone for my camcorder first.  I was shooting a lot of video during my trip away to Cuba and I broke my microphone wire so I ordered another one.  It’s coming from Hong Kong so the shipping takes awhile.

I want to wait for the microphone before shooting the last part of this video because an external mic results in much better sound quality.  There is really good information that I want to convey to dog owners about litter training and I would rather wait until I get the proper equipment rather than just shooting the rest of the video with the onboard mic my camcorder has.  Using the built in microphone results in poor quality sound.

Huge Benefit From Dog Litter Training

The benefit of being able to choose and not go outside is a huge one that results from successful dog litter training.  Of course, there is a specific training progression in order to teach your dog to use an indoor dog litter box rather than go outside all the time.  You can see some of the other videos I’ve already shot while my original microphone was working at my Dog Articles section of my website.

For more specific information to help you and your dog on this subject, see Dog Litter Training where there’s a few more videos and details about my training project.

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