Dog Litter Box Training Video Now Available

Dog Litter Box Training Video

My new dog litter box training video program is now available!  After spending about a week’s worth of 12 hour days, a video version of my successful book, ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs‘, is now out.

It’s divided into 12 different videos that correspond to each of the book’s chapters and has a mix of text slides, photos and video footage.  It’s quite an information intensive program since the videos are clocking in at almost 2 hours (114 minutes).

Learn Dog Litter Box Training By Watching

This video program was produced because many people prefer to watch video and listen to audio rather than read books as their preferred method of learning.  So between the book and video, all of these methods are covered.

One nice feature about the deluxe video program is that the ebook itself along with the same bonuses that come with it will be included in this video program as well.  So people who get this deluxe program will get both the videos as well as the book for reference.  Online email support for dog litter box training issues is also included.

This is my first ever video product although I’ve released audio versions of my other books before and they are quite successful too as many people do opt to learn through listening rather than reading.  As with the other titles, I also include the text ebook with the audio programs for reference.  Information on all of my titles are at my Books and Audio Programs webpage.

Actually, the other reason why I include the text ebook with either an audio or video program is that if one listens (or watches) and reads as well, the learning of important concepts will be faster and more efficient.  So now new dog owners will have the opportunity to learn about dog litter box training this way.

Information as well as an introductory video on both my book and new video program is at Dog Litter Box Training.

dog litter box training video

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