Dog Litter Box Training Using Mix Of Second Nature Yesterday’s News

Dog Litter Box Training Using Mix

Since Purina Second Nature is not available in Canada, I’m now using a mix of Purina Yesterday’s News and Second Nature for dog litter box training at home.  This combination is working well since Second Nature and Yesterday’s News are made of the same thing, ie., recycled newsprint.  Both are very absorbent.

The way I’ve been combining these two products is to use Yesterday’s News on the bottom with a layer of Second Nature on the top.  This is because the pellets of Second Nature are much larger and heavier than Yesterday’s News.  This will help lower the amount of tracking when my dogs jump out of the dog litter box.  Of course, there still is some tracking but less compared to having Yesterday’s News as the top layer.  The larger Second Nature pellets seem to keep the smaller Yesterday’s News pellets in the box.

Canadians Can Use Dog Litter Box Training This Way

Canadians can therefore use dog litter box training at home this way using a mix of different dog litter.  I’m traveling in the US this week for a short trip so I’ll stock up on some Second Nature to bring back to Canada since it really is the better dog litter for our use with dogs.  To extend my usage of Second Nature, I’ll simply mix it with Purina Yesterday’s News which is readily available up here in Canadian pet supply stores.

I just hope that Purina will bring their Second Nature brought up here in Canada so that dog litter box training will be more popular up here among Canadian dog owners.  This is certainly a region that can use such a system for dogs given our harsh winters. More information is available at dog litter box training.

dog litter box training purina second nature
Creative Commons License photo credit: Winterpeen

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