Dog Litter Box Helped When I Was Stuck In Airport –

dog litter box potty training stranded airport overnight

Dog Litter Box Potty Training Helped A Lot

Once again, dog litter box training proved to be extremely helpful for me and my two Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie.  This week I went on what was suppose to be a very quick business day trip that involved flying from Toronto to Washington DC on Tuesday morning and flying back that same day getting me back home early evening.  Such as trip would not require any overnight stay nor a pet sitter.

When I got on the plane for the 5:15 pm return flight, we were told that there was a short delay in taking off due to a passing lightning storm.  They told us to deplane back in to the terminal by about an hour waiting in the plane.  Shortly after 8 pm, they said that all flights were cancelled for the night due to more storms in the region.

So as we all waited in the long customer service line to rebook our flights for the next day, we were also told that all hotel rooms within a 25 mile radius of the Washington Dulles airport were completely booked up.  I later confirmed this with a call to one of the hotel chains.

Naturally I became concerned about my two dogs since they were not going to see me come home that night.  My rebooked flight was for 9:45 am which meant that I had to be back in the airport to check in by about 8 am.  With the longer transits out to a further hotel and back to the airport the following morning in mind, I decided to just stay at the airport all night instead.

Stranded Overnight At Airport

It turns out that I was not the only stranded passenger as there were lots of others who had to do the same.   Most people tried to sleep on those airport chairs but there was no way I could do it since the arms were fixed resulting in no way anyone can lie down on those.  Some people slept on air vents but these were blowing cold air out so I would certainly not be comfortable on those.

I did see a few people sleep on the floor which was rock hard.  So I ended up sitting on an airport chair listening to some music and getting up to walk around throughout the long night while the overnight cleaning staff were busy doing their duties throughout the terminal.

When the security checks opened up again at about 5 am, I decided to go through since I already got my boarding passes during the late evening when I went to the checkin counter to reconfirm my rebooked flights.   My rebooked flights involved connecting at New York JFK rather than a direct flight to Toronto which would not have been available until the next evening.

It was about 4:30 pm by the time I got through all my flights, ground transfers and drove home.  I was expecting a bit of a mess since I was about 21 hours late getting home.  I had also forgotten to turn on the AC so I was worried that my dogs would get too hot during the daytime.

But when I got home on that Wednesday afternoon, my two dogs Chester and Roxie were both fine.  There was no mess anywhere and neither of them were in distress despite missing two meals and not seeing anyone since Tuesday morning.

They still had water left in the water dish and their dog litter box was fully than usual.  So their dog litter box training once again turned out to be extremely helpful.

Even if I did call my pet sitter while I was stranded in the Washington Dulles airport, she would not have gotten in anyway since I had one set of house keys with me while the other one was inside the house.  So I probably have to review this experience and if I ever go on a fly away day trip again, I should prepare better in case of a delay like this one.

I had to stay in my suit the entire time so what I may do on my next day trip is to pack some extra clothes along with some toiletries like toothbrush in my carry one luggage.  I might also give one set of keys to my pet sitter just in case if I have to call her to come in if I’m delayed overnight somewhere.

As awful as this experience was for me to spend my first night stranded at an airport and for my dogs to miss their daddy coming home on time, it was another success story for indoor dog potty training with a litter box.

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