Dog Litter Box Being Used In The Morning

Dog Litter Box Being Used

Rumbling of feet in the dog litter box.  I woke up early this morning for some reason (maybe it was because of some weird dream).  Things were still dark outside as this is much earlier than usual for me.  As I was still lying in bed, I could hear my dog Chester using the dog litter box.

I know that he’s using the dog litter box first thing in the morning because I could hear the sound of him stepping over the dog litter.  This brought a smile to my face because it confirmed that we did a great job in puppy house training him and his sister for that matter the way I had intended it.

Roxie usually gets up a bit later than Chester and will also go to the dog litter box as well on her own.  The results of this type of indoor puppy house training is felt even more as the mornings are now quite chilly now that we are in mid November up here in Canada.

Unlike other dog owners who have to drag themselves outside in the cold first thing each morning just to let their dogs outside, we can stay indoors where it’s nice and warm.  And since we position the dog litter box right next to the toilet, getting rid of dog poop is super easy.

Your Puppy Can Learn To Use A Dog Litter Box

As a dog owner, this is possible for you and your pet as well.  Special training is required of course and I make things easy since the complete step by step training progression is outlined in my new book, “Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs“.

As a good start, check out some free valuable dog training information at my dog website.  There’s also a video there which shows how my two dogs use their dog litter box just to prove that this is possible.

dog litter box
Creative Commons License photo credit: .hj barraza

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