Dog House Training Not Complete

A friend was telling me today that she sometimes takes care of her neighbour’s dog when they travel but has problems with this dog because it marks and urinates in different places around her house.  I asked her if her neighbours know about this because this might be more than just an issue of dog house training not complete.

She told me that this dog would often just urinate in front of its owners to spite them.  I wonder what these owners’ style is when interacting with their dog.  I never met them but this might be a case where they are just too soft with their dog.  When this happens, the dog doesn’t really respect the owners as the alpha.

This is the case with one of my neighbours here too.  They are much too soft with their dog.  This dog barks like crazy at other dogs outside and won’t stop even when the owners ask it to.  Notice that I said ‘ask’ rather than command because these owners do not command their dog and therefore as a result, the dog doesn’t listen to them.

I told my friend that I don’t think she should carry the burden of looking after her neighbour’s dog until they take action to properly train it first which not only involves proper dog house training but maybe additional behavioural training as well to re-establish the pecking order in that household.

If I was that neighbour, I would be too embarrassed to leave my dog with somebody else.  If you have thoughts on this, I would welcome your comments anytime below.

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