Dog Grooming Not My Strong Point But A Cost Saver

#dogs  #dog  — I have to admit that dog grooming techniques are not my strong point as a dedicated dog owner.  I somehow got attached to the long haired breed Lhasa Apso ever since my first one Pepper back in 1979.  I’ve been hooked on Lhasas from then on as I’m now on my 3rd and 4th one.

Traditionally, this is a breed which is suppose to have that long hair ‘Cousin It’ (character from the TV show The Addams Family) where you can’t see the dog’s eyes.  Hair is left all the way down to the floor.  In fact, here is a separate page just on the Lhasa Apso Dogs.

I’ve seen dog show competitors and even my own breeder (who also happens to be a show competitor) work on their Lhasa Apsos and it is quite a chore.  I have enough problems just keeping the tangles and mats away even with my two dogs at medium length hair.

I just can’t imagine keeping them at show quality length even as I’m already brushing them each night.  But I do admire the people who are dedicated enough to put in the time to keep their Lhasa Apso dogs at show length.

Dog grooming commercially is also not inexpensive especially when you have more than one dog.  So I opt to do all my own dog grooming with my two.  With my first two dogs Pepper and Max, it was real hard work with scissors and for some reason, I wasn’t smart enough to put them high on a table.  Instead, we were all on the floor and this just about broke my back all the time.

With Chester and Roxie, my present two dogs, I got smarter and put them up on the kitchen counter when I do major grooming with them.  This saves my back for sure.  But then my fingers were a problem with the scissors.  All that work pretty well wasted my hands and the complete grooming took about three days since my fingers would get so sore.

With the purchase of electric shears, the entire grooming process has been significantly made easier and faster.  It usually takes about 30 minutes per dog for a rough trim with the shears.  I use the scissors only for some touch ups.

Okay the end result is still not as nice as what professional groomers would do but at least I’m saving quite a bit of money by doing all the work myself.  There are some resources out there to help all the self groomers out there.  Once such blog in fact is Dog Pet Grooming Supplies.  Check them out for grooming info.

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  • hi, read your blog post and I suddenly woke up with this on my face… WOW! he is talking about me…. ha ha.. because I brought Cute Cute, my 2nd shih tzu out to t he field for a dog obedience training this morning and obviously she needs a bath after this. I bathed her and I just did exactly what you mentioned above. Put her on the floor and start to blow and comb her coat. Cute Cute is an Alpha dog and she hates to be combed. She will nibble & try to bite my fingers and I will give a slight scream like OUCH! and she will let go. I am aware that grooming, drying should be done on high table. Unfortunately, I want to hug them and by putting them on high table, it is difficult to cuddle them. Compared to when I groomed them on the floor, they will lie on my thighs and I will blow their coat then turn them around and blow the other side. And their head will be leaning and resting on my leg. As I blow them dry, their big round eyes will be looking at me. so cute. I know this is bad practice and I ended up having back ache just like you. lols. okay.. I will have to be firm and keep them on high table from now on and I will try to steal some hugs and kisses from them that way too. Thanks for this informative article. oops.. long comment… got carried away when talking about our darling dogs 🙂

  • Do you mind if I quote you post Dog Grooming Not My Strong Point But A Cost Saver ” Life With … on my blog if I link back to this page?

  • As you wish.

  • Dog grooming is not only important to the health and happiness of your dog, but also its gives you both a great opportunity for bonding, which is important to the health and happiness of you and you dog’s relationship! Oh and like you said a cost saver too. 🙂

  • And I save a bundle with two lhasa apsos to maintain.