Dog Eye Surgery Will Be Expensive

October 8 - 14, 2010
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Dog Eye Surgery

If you have been following this blog, then you know that one of my Lhasa Apso dogs Chester, has had recurrent Cherry eye.  His latest reoccurence prompted me to get a consult with a vet eye specialist since my general vet didn’t really know what was happening with Chester’s eye.  Cherry eye usually affects puppies and Chester didn’t get his first bout until age five.  Also, his condition seems to float in and out which is odd for Cherry eye.

In the past couple of months, we’ve been successful in pushing his Cherry eye in but it is getting more difficult to do so surgery would be inevitable.  The procedure with my general vet would have cost me about $500 to $600.

Vet Eye Specialist Consult

My general vet was able to get me an appointment with a vet eye specialist the next day which was rather nice.  The only problem is that the initial consult was $255 which is pretty high.

Chester went in and they did a few general eye tests followed by more specific exam of both of his eyes.  The vet opthamologist thinks Chester’s Cherry eye is a congenital thing and described the surgical procedure he does which is a two step process rather than a single step which the general vets do.

This two step procedure accounts for 90+% success rate of non-occurence post surgery while the single step procedure that the general vets do results in 60 to 75% success rates.  I talked this over with my general vet and he concluded after his own research that he is not doing the two step method that the eye specialist is doing and recommended me to go to that route for Chester.

I’m more than willing to get the best treatment for Chester.  The only thing that is really going to hurt is the fee that the eye specialist is going to charge for this procedure.  Instead of $600, it will be between $2,000 to $2,300!!

This specialist clinic uses a separate anesthetic specialist as well which according to the estimate sheet, is about $500 in itself.  Going with the specialist for eye surgery will cost me four times higher than going to the general vet.

My Decision On Dog Eye Surgery

After talking to my general vet as well as sleeping on it, the decision became more clear.  I want the best for my dog and if it’s going to cost me that much than so be it.  I’ll just have to do more speaking programs in the near future 🙂

Chester will be going in for his eye surgery on November 15.  I’ll have more updates then.

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