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My dog Chester went to a specialist clinic to finally get his Cherry Eye surgery this week.  The high cost of this surgery at about $2,300 got this motivational speaker in Toronto, yours truly, thinking about something.  It’s a good thing that I’ve been doing a few nice speaking engagements recently for various organizations.  Not only do I get a chance to hopefully impact audiences, but I’m definitely going to make use of the speaking fees I earned.

It turns out that this will be one very expensive month for me.  Both of my Lhasa Apso dogs, Chester and Roxie, will incur expensive veterinary costs.  First it was Roxie with her UTI (urinary tract infection) at the beginning of the month.  A quick vet consult, a urinalysis and antibiotics came out to $200.  But this was minor compared to what I will have to pay for her brother Chester.

If you haven’t been following up on Chester and his situation, he has had a recurring eye condition known as Cherry Eye for the last year and he finally went in for surgery to repair it at a special animal eye clinic.  The surgery is estimated to be about $2,300 plus the initial consult with the eye specialist which was $255.

Of course I moaned and groaned about these ridiculously expensive vet fees but as other pet owners out there can related to, I will pay these amounts without a lot of hesitation.  That is because pet owners will generally do what it takes to keep their beloved pets healthy.

Made Toronto Motivational Speaker Think

This ‘do whatever it takes’ approach or attitude made me think.  As a Toronto motivational speaker, I thought that if we only used this same attitude and applied it to other areas of our lives like in our careers, businesses, health, relationships, etc., just imagine how much more successful we would be.

If we always went after our goals with the ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude, success would be inevitable for many of the areas we want to improve in.  This prompted me to shoot a very quick episode of Motivational WebTV, which is the personal development video series I put out, this time with Chester and Roxie.  Check it out below.

So again, think about the key areas that you want to do well in.  Now apply the following attitude with full commitment and success will come.  So it looks like that this whole experience with my dogs and their high vet costs taught this motivational speaker in Toronto something interesting.

Do Whatever It Takes!

Share This Attitude With Others

If you know others who would like this video, please share it with them.  There are buttons on the blog post to easily share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and by email.  All past episodes are at my Motivational WebTV Archive.

Feel free to share below in the comments area, what goals you have applied the ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude on.  Also feel free to share what goals you would like to implement this approach for whether they are pet related or not.

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