Dog Ear Infections Same Time Each Year?

#dog #dogs #doghealth — Just got back from the vet for a followup visit and had my girl Roxie’s ear infection looked at.  But first, back to the booster vaccine issue.  We decided not to do the booster shot for the new Lyme disease vaccine.  I asked my vet if the first shot gives at least the same level of protection as last year and he said yes.  So we would rather risk the next few months left of the season rather than go for the booster shot for extra protection but results in another round of adverse reactions.

I’m kind of glad that we didn’t get those booster shots today.  I wouldn’t have been looking forward to see my two dogs spend another 24-48 hours feeling crappy.

My girl Roxie did get an ear infection in one of her ears last weekend and as mentioned on a recent post, I used Panalog that I still had.  The vet checked her ear and it looked pretty good.  He suggested using Panalog once a day for another five days.

The strange thing is that according to records, it was Roxie who got the ear infection last year and we used Panalog that time.  In fact, it was about the same time of year, July.  So the vet thinks that there might be something in season that she’s allergic to.  Maybe something in the woods that she rubbed her head against since she tends to like to check out different plants out there.

Have any of you ever had dog ear infections around the same time each year?  The vet doesn’t think it’s an internal ear canal thing but more external from something dogs might be allergic to.

If you have had dogs with recurrent ear infections around the same time of year regularly, please share your experience and what your vet said about them.  This will help shine a light to what might be happening out there.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Pixel Addict

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