Dog Crate Training To Go Shopping With Your Pooch

Dog Crate Training Was Key

Want to know another benefit of dog crate training?  Yesterday, I saw a lady shopping in Walmart and she was carrying a shoulder bag with her little dog pooch in it.  The little dog had his head sticking out the whole time and was just enjoying the shopping atmosphere.  Ever wonder how such little dogs are trained to be carried around like this in public?

Dog crate training was the key here.  The shoulder bag was another form of a dog crate where the little pooch learned that it was a comfortable place to be as well as a fun place in this case if the owner goes shopping.  In any case, it’s a place for the dog to relax while outside the home.

Dog Crate Training Teaches Puppies To Hold It In

The aim of dog crate training as far as housetraining is concerned, is to teach puppies to hold things in until let out to an appropriate spot to eliminate whether outdoors or indoors in a dog litter box like my two dogs are trained to use.  They know that when inside their crates, it’s time to relax or sleep.  Dogs have a natural tendency to not want to eliminate where they sleep so the learn to hold things in while inside a crate.

The shoulder bag is the same type of principle here.  These little dogs have learned that when they are in a shoulder bag, it’s time to just relax and enjoy the sights wherever the owner happens to be going even though it’s outside the home.  These dogs will not poop or pee while inside the shoulder bag – otherwise, the owner would not be taking them on shopping trips to Walmart!

Of course, these small dogs also learn not to get too disruptive during such outdoor excursions and that’s part of basic dog training.  If you want to see a free video on basic dog training, see the sidebar of this blog or just go to my dog training website.

So if you have a dog that is small enough to be carried around without really stressing your shoulder out (mine are a bit too big for this), then dog crate training will be the key here so that someday, you can go shopping with your little pooch as well.

To get much more information on this, see my new article along with a video on Crate Training Puppies.

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