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Dog Boots

I reviewed a brand of dog boots called Muttluks in a previous post about Dog Boots Review.   Yesterday, we had a bit of a dump of snow and the salt trucks were out early on the roads.  It was not a very cold day so I thought it would be a great day to take my two Lhasa Apso dogs out for a longer walk rather than just going out to the back yard area.  I want the exercise as well.

So we put on the dog boots and they are getting much easier to put on compared to before now that I have the technique down much better.  They also know the drill too as they know that they will be going out for a walk when they see the dog boots.  Keeping still while I put the dog boots on is part of the dog obedience training I put them through.  If you haven’t seen my free basic dog obedience video yet, just go to the previous link or see the info at the blog sidebar.

I still keep an eye on their legs during the walk to make sure that the dog boots stay on and even with a longer walk through both sideway and ground areas covered with snow, they did stay on throughout the entire walk.  The trick again as explained in my previous video from my review is to make sure the dog boots are put on all the way and to secure them tightly.

Dogs Getting Use To Boots

Both of my dogs are also getting use to walking with the dog boots on.  Both of them were doing a nicely paced trot without the initial awkwardness they had when they first got their dog boots on.  I think they were actually enjoying their boots.  They use to get some discomfort with the cold ice and especially the irritating salt.  Now they can romp through the winter ground and roads without any problems at all.

So I’m quite pleased with the dog boots even though I have to put on eight of them before going out.  Then after we come home, I make sure I rinse each boot to remove all salt and dirt.  Hopefully, this will extend the life of the dog boots.

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