Dog Bathroom Pretty Easy To Clean

Dog Bathroom

Our dog bathroom which we call the doggie room at my house, is pretty easy to clean despite what some people think otherwise when they learn that my two Lhasa Apsos are trained to use an indoor dog litter box.  Many people think that this room must stink since my dogs pee and poo in there all the time.

But this is not the case if you use a high quality dog litter like Second Nature or the Petco store brand which is a nice substitute.  The pellets of this dog litter do a great job in absorbing odour.  As long as a dog owner is good about disposing feces as soon as possible and removing wet dog litter once or twice per day, a dog bathroom will not stink.

Clean Dog Bathroom Just Like Any Other Washroom

In fact, our dog bathroom is cleaned just like any other washroom in my house.  Floors and counters are cleaned at about the same frequency since my dogs do their stuff in their dog litter box, not the floors.  It’s pretty straight forward.

In some instances, if dog owners do not have extra washrooms available, a dog bathroom can be another room in the house.  For example, some people have allocated parts of their laundry room, garage, storage room or basement as the doggie room.  I’ve used a laundry room at a few past residences when I didn’t have an extra washroom to spare.

My first dog Pepper actually used our laundry room as the dog bathroom since this room was hardly ever used anyway.  It was located quite central so access for him was pretty easy.  This was actually in a big corner lot family residential house too.

After we moved to a condo apartment, it was even easier since the dog bathroom was just steps away if he and his younger friend Max needed to go.  For more details on training a dog to use an indoor dog litter box, just click on the link.

dog bathroom dog litter box

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