Dog Bathroom Indoor Potty Was Always Easy

Dog Bathroom In Apartment

Ever since I moved out on my own with my first dog Pepper, there was never a problem in creating a dog bathroom or indoor potty area for him even when our first home ourselves was a small 900 square feet, one bedroom condo apartment in downtown Toronto.  Although it had only one bathroom, I had enough space in an adjacent room which was where the central air conditioning and laundry units were.  I simply used the floor space there as Pepper’s dog bathroom.

Even when we welcomed my second dog Max into our little pack, that utility room I guess we can refer to it, was sufficient as the dog bathroom for both of my Lhasa Apsos.

When we relocated to Winnipeg for a few years, we lived in a condo townhouse which again, had only one bathroom which was meant for me.  Again, it was no problem because in this unit was an even larger utility room.  This was actually the room where a second entrance door to the car port area was located.  So our indoor potty was designated in this room for the next few years.

Indoor Potty Area In Another Highrise Condo Apartment

When we moved back to Mississauga, we moved into a 1,200 feet square highrise condo apartment which had two full bathrooms.  I took the one in the master bedroom for myself and allocated the second bathroom as the new dog bathroom.  Again, my dogs figured out immediately where they were suppose to go for their indoor potty.

Second bathrooms were utilized as the dog bathroom for my current Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie in condo townhouses in Montreal and now back here in Misssissauga.  Again, they quickly figured out where their indoor potty was without any problems.

Dog house training in highrise apartments is no problem if you are creative.  These experiences show that you don’t need a lot of room, even a one bedroom apartment, to creatively allocated a space for a dog bathroom where an indoor potty can go.  Of course, there is a training progression for both your dog and yourself as the trainer to learn.  More details are at my dog potty training website.

indoor potty dog bathroom apartment condo
Creative Commons License photo credit: JRPhoto12

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