Dog Author Is Canadian Motivational Speaker

Canadian Motivational Speaker Is Dog Author

I was corresponding with another website owner and she liked one of my articles about house training dogs enough that she invited me to contribute such dog articles to her site since she wanted to build up some dog related material.  But one thing that she mentioned was when she was doing a search for my articles, she noticed that there was another Clint Cora who is a Canadian motivational speaker.

Well, that Clint Cora is the same as yours truly, the dog blogger and producer of some free dog training videos.  I am a motivational speaker (as well as a diversity speaker) and author of personal growth books plus audio programs by trade but this doesn’t stop me from producing dog related resources as well.  I just happen to have been a dog owner since the 70s so I have a lot of personal experience especially with Lhasa Apso dogs.

I believe that if I could help out people in the areas that I have some expertise in, whether in motivation, personal growth or in the dog training field, than I should.  In the personal growth field, I’m known as a Canadian motivational speaker and Karate World Champion (another area of many years of experience).

Dog Litter Box Potty Training Puppies

In the dog training field, I specialize in the area of helping dog owners train their dogs and puppies to use an indoor dog litter box.  I trained all my Lhasa Apsos to use an indoor dog toilet ever since my first Lhasa named Pepper.   The pet industry didn’t come out with commercial dog litter boxes yet back then but now that these are widely available, my specialized way of training fits very nicely with them.

If you happen to do some internet research on me, just don’t be surprised if you find the bulk of the information out there related to my area as a Canadian motivational speaker.  But for new puppy owners, don’t worry as this doesn’t impact on my dedication on providing quality potty training puppies information on using the dog litter box.

canadian motivational speaker potty training puppies dog litter box

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  • I’ve never really been a fan of indoor potty training for dogs but do see where it can be handy. We finally had to train our miniature dachshund to go in a litter box on rainy days. I won’t go out if it’s raining.

  • We don’t go out in rain either. That’s one of the reasons why we favor indoor potty training with a dog litter box.

  • Nice speaker 🙂